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During WW2 Which Army Commanders Curbed Their Men The Most From Committing Rape On Civilians? free polls
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Rape By German And Waffen SS Soldiers During WW2

Waffen SS men with Ukrainian girls
"Soldiers are rapists"

We have discussed extensively on the rape committed by Russian, American and French soldiers on German women during and after WW2. We largely believed that men of the Wehrmacht were not so amorous and brutal when dealing with women in lands they conquered. A silly illusion. These men were as immoral and boorish as the Russians and Japanese. In fact having sex was encouraged by their commanders as matter of policy. Amorous and lustful men made better fighters and killers, the thinking went.

Polish women being lifted by the Germans to work in brothels for German soldiers

And what about German soldiers and the SS men? A German war veteran will tell you that Germans do not commit rape.

Nevertheless, there were so many cases of rape committed by SS men that the complaints from the top echelons of the Wehrmacht reached even the Führer’s headquarters. War records prove that rape was also committed by members of the Wehrmacht. In order to control the spread of venereal diseases, brothels were set up for the Wehrmacht (approx. 500 throughout the war) and for SS officers where hundreds of girls and prostitutes, mostly of Polish and Russian origin, were forced to work "Whore for Hitler's troops" was tattooed on these young women. (after March 1942, Jewish women were no longer allowed to work in brothels). Forced prostitution and rape were common in concentration camps, female prisoners being mainly the victims. Documents presented at the Nuremberg Trials in 1946 prove the fact that systematic acts of rape were committed by the German conquerors.

"Rape by SS men was common, There were complaints that Wehrmacht soldiers too raped."

In World War II, the German military brothels were set up by the Third Reich throughout most of occupied Europe, for the use by their soldiers in the Wehrmacht and for the SS officers. These establishments were sometimes set up via existing brothels which they took over in the West, but generally organized as new, especially in the East. Until 1942, there were 500 brothels of this kind in Western and Eastern Europe. Operating in hotels confiscated by the Nazis, these self-evident war-rape sites used to serve travelling soldiers and those withdrawn from the front. In combination with the German concentration camp brothels, it is estimated that at least 34,140 women were forced to serve as prostitutes during the Third Reich. In most cases, especially in Eastern Europe, the women were being caught on the streets of occupied cities in Łapankas (Nazi German military kidnapping raids against civilians) and forced to serve as prostitutes thereafter.

Russian Foreign Minister V.M. Molotov read into the record an interim war report that told of mass rape occurring as the Germans pushed through the Soviet Union:

Women and young girls are vilely outraged in all the occupied areas. In the Ukranian village of Borodayevka, in the Dniepropetrovsk region, the fascists violated every one of the women and girls. In the village of Berezovka, in the region of Smolensk, drunken German soldiers assaulted and carried off all the women and girls between the ages of 16 and 30. In the city of Smolensk the German Command opened a brothel for officers in one of the hotels into which hundreds of women and girls were driven; they were mercilessly dragged down the street by their arms and hair. Everywhere the lust-maddened German gangsters break into houses, they rape the women and girls under the very eyes of their kinfolk and children, jeer at the women they have violated, and then brutally murder their victims ...


German soldiers 'flirting' with a Ukrainian woman in 1942

"German Wehrmacht soldiers, members of the SA and the SS and the police battalions were the ones who raged equally cruel and patriarchal in all the occupied countries of Europe"
Barbara Johr.

The Foreign Ministry of the Polish Government in Exile issued a document on May 3, 1941, describing the mass kidnapping raids conducted in Polish cities with the aim of capturing young women for sexual slavery in new brothels attended by German soldiers and officers. At the same time, Polish girls as young as 15, classified as suitable for slave labor and shipped to Germany, were sexually exploited by German soldiers usually at their place of destination.

 The Swiss Red Cross mission driver Franz Mawick wrote in 1942 from Warsaw about what he saw:
"Uniformed Germans ... gaze fixedly at women and girls between the ages of 15 and 25. One of the soldiers pulls out a pocket flashlight and shines it on one of the women, straight into her eyes. The two women turn their pale faces to us, expressing weariness and resignation. The first one is about 30 years old. "What is this old whore looking for around here?" – one of the three soldiers laughs. "Bread, sir" – asks the woman. ....."A kick in the ass you get, not bread" – answers the soldier. Owner of the flashlight directs the light again on the faces and bodies of girls. ... The youngest is maybe 15 years old ...... They open her coat and start groping her with their lustful paws. "This one is ideal for bed" – he says.". 

In the Soviet Union women were kidnapped by German forces for prostitution as well; one report by International Military Tribunal writes "in the city of Smolensk the German Command opened a brothel for officers in one of the hotels into which hundreds of women and girls were driven; they were mercilessly dragged down the street by their arms and hair.


This is from the secretly recorded tapes of the conversation between captured German soldiers in a Britain prison. It appears in the book Soldaten by Sonke Neitzel

In one section a passage attributed to Reimbold reads: 'In the first officers' prison camp where I was being kept here, there was a really stupid guy from Frankfurt , a young lieutenant, a young upstart. 'And he said: 'Oh, we caught this female spy who had been running around in the neighborhood.

'First we hit her in the t**s with a stick and then we beat her rear end with a bare bayonet. Then we f***** her, and then we threw her outside and shot at her. When she was lying there on her back, we threw grenades at her. 'Every time one of them landed near her body, she screamed.'

'And just think, there were eight German officers sitting at that table with me, and they all broke out laughing.'  

Brothels in Occupied France

France surrendered on June 22, 1940. It provided many brothels for the German occupiers. In the second half of July, two orders were issued for the suppression of street prostitution and the establishment of brothels for the Wehrmacht. Nazis confiscated existing brothels, put in its own staff, adhering to the criteria of Aryan racial purity. Officers were not allowed to go to these places, they were put up in hotels. Thus Wehrmacht commanders wanted to stop the spread of homosexuality and sexually transmitted diseases in the army to increase the incentives for soldiers, prevent intimate relationships on the side, for fear of espionage.

The leaders of the Wehrmacht established a thoroughly bureaucratic system of around 100 new brothels already before 1942, based on a existing system of government controlled ones. The soldiers were given official visitation cards issued by Oberkommando des Heeres and were prohibited from engaging in sexual contact with other French women. In September 1941, General von Brauchitsch suggested that weekly visits for all younger soldiers be considered mandatory to prevent any "sexual excesses" among them. The sex workers had a scheduled medical check-up to prevent the spread of venereal diseases. The order to regulate the soldiers' sex life was issued on 29 July 1940. From that point on, free prostitution was forbidden and persecuted by the police. As before, the prostitutes were paid a nominal fee. The soldiers had to bring up the money themselves from their regular pay.

There is systematic evidence of rape by German soldiers, including documents that were presented in 1946 at the Nuremberg trials. " (Quoted from: emergency . S., 24) The broad enabling brothel visit was seen as an important strategic measure war, to help "morale", ie the willingness to fight and kill should be maintained or increased. This concession by the Wehrmacht to the "needs" of the soldiers besides promoting loyalty to the fascist system also curbed the wehrkraftzersetzenden  by STDs through commitment to condom use in brothel visit. The brothel system also lessened chances of German soldiers moving towards homosexuality.

German soldiers with French women in a brothel
A German soldier paying for a prostitute. On the wall is a sign: "Only for foreigners!"
In the French city of Brest a synagogue converted into a brothel.

A German soldier enjoying the company of a prostitute
The ideal woman to work in brothels for German soldiers according to the Nazis

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Eichwede and Prof. Jan Phillip Reemtsma citing Russian historian and German sources, say that more than a million children were conceived in Russia, most because of rape. Based on biological realities  it can be said statistically that about one in ten sexual intercourse resulted in a  pregnancy. Consequently, it must be assumed that approximately 10 million rapes were committed by German soldiers alone on Russian soil.

In Norway, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and France, some 200,000 children were born  because of the presence of German soldiers during occupation.

Due to the high incidence of rape, homosexuality and disease among soldiers, on September 9, 1939 the Minister of the Interior Wilhelm Frick decreed the establishment of brothels in the occupied territories.


Rape of German Women During WW2 (Eyewitness Account)

Rape of German Women When The Country Lost The War

Mass rape of German Women

Rape of Japanese Women By American Soldiers (WW2)


Further Reading

Brownmiller, Susan :  Against our will. rape and male dominance
The book in German (Gegen unseren Willen. Vergewaltigung und Männerherrschaft)

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Sander, Helke; Johr, Barbara (Hrsg.) : BeFreier und Befreite. Krieg, Vergewaltigungen, Kinder, München 1992. 


Gasse-Geir said...

Bullshit and wicked lies. Face it: The Germans were the good guys in WWII and they didn't behave like barbarians - unlike the "good" Allies.

Yes, they had brothels, but brothels do not equal rape.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Why all the filthy lies Uncensoredhistory ? German soldiers were shot by fellow military when caught raping or engaged in homosexual activities. This is a fact. Tell the damn truth!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the above posters. Discipline in the Wehrmacht was really second to none in regards to conduct overall. Germany seems to be one of the few nations at the time to actively enforce codes of conduct regarding looting, Rape and general mistreatment of conquered people. Its interesting to note as well how the numbers games play out as we grow more distant from the conflict. On one hand we now have more access to factual accounts of the conflict, where on the other this seems to scare some " Germans are bad " types who more or less up the ante in regards to slandering the Wehrmacht and Germany in general.

Anonymous said...

I agree this is a very one sided account of things. The army most famous for raping women were the Russians. Read some creible historical accounts of what really happened by historians like Anthony Beever who recorded how the Russians went on a raping spree in East Germany and Berlin. When they entered Germany most women living in the Eastern states were raped, often many, many times. It is recorded in many, many sources like German hospital records, diaries and letters and also by both Russian sources and American sources. Russian officers in Germany actually complained that so much raping was distracting their officers from duty. American Generals arriving in Berlin reported that the Russians had raped all the women living there and those who resisted rape were killed.

To try and say the same was true in Russia is a lie and there is no proper historical evidence to support this. Sure there would have been some raping and other misconduct but these were small scale isolated events as other posters have noted. On the whole discipline was very strong in the Germany army and rape was not common. You can't try and remake history so that its black and white - Allies good, Germans bad. It's naive and it presents a distorted view of history. Our children learn nothing if you perpetuate this view.

Anonymous said...

germans are not human beings, they all should have been killed after the war.

Anonymous said...

To the people writing that the German's did not rape during WWII I can tell you one thing that is for certain, you are completely WRONG. If it were not for German soldiers raping a young, beautiful Yugoslavian woman, my great-grandmother, I would not be alive today. As sad as it is for me to admit and say, I am a descendant of a lovely Yugoslavian woman that was repeatedly raped by an unknown number of German soldiers over the course of many weeks when Germany invaded Yugoslavia. My grandfather could be any one of scores of German men, his identity has always been and will likely always be completely unknown and I am completely fine with that. I don't know why you people say that they "were good guys" and the like but you are so very wrong--Nazis? Nazi sympathizers? Or just plain ignorant? I don't know, I would like to think and hope it to be the latter because that at least is not evil.

Anonymous said...

wow............. all of a sudden german soldiers are the GOOD guys...............WOW!! Does that extend to the murder of millions of Jews, and nearly a million Gypsies, whom hitler considered vermin?? Get serious. War brings out the animal in men, and their main outlet is either rape or continued killings. Ask any military officer who has seen action for more than 6 months. Thats why even in Iraq, the Americans raped till they couldnt get it up anymore! They openly bragged that the only reson they needed condoms in Iraq was to cover their gun barrels so sand would not enter. They didnt need protection because every unmarried girl they raped was a virgin.

Anonymous said...

What a lot of B/S I was there and a rape complaint ended with a court marchal. Why I distinctly remember when trying to get honey from a bee hive in Poland the farmer {Polish) complained to our CO, HSTUF Miesel we had to reimburse the farmer and got a write up (disciplinary notice) I shudder to think if we had been accused of rape.

Anonymous said...

An article full of lies and distorted quotes.
Brothels do not equal mass rape. All pictures you show show smiling either smiling ukranian women with passing by polite soldiers or out of context who knows where from pictures as with the wagon charging a group opf whores of the 34.140 (waow someone counted them really) prostitutes serving the wehrmacht.
The picture at the end is nice photoshopped one and should go in the category of famous very bad exemples of crammed photos. The soldier in the rear's coat is in front of the woman robe.

Anonymous said...

The truth will set you free... or get you killed. I hope one day our German honor will be restored and thanks to everyone willing to speak up against the All-lies perverted Jewish historical propaganda, that still today is beeing drilled into peoples minds to justify Iraq, Afganistan, Korea to only name a few and used fund the state of Israel.

Most of the the forein countries/cities such as in France, that Germany invaded were left standing intact, as German bombers targeted mostly military structures. Whilst when the All-Lies invaded Germany they flattened everything starting with civilian structures and then working their way to the industrial areas. The holocaust of Dresden is probably the best example of the All-Lies war of liberation.

Please anyone willing to take the time please read though some of the articles of the following link. Its the most unbiast articles i've found so far on the war on the German people.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sorry can you take a trip to hiroshima and talk to the japanese people and say " WE DROPPED A BOMB ON YOU KILLING MANY OF YOU AND SCARING YOU FOR LIFE FOR A GOOD REASON"

Anonymous said...

Well I do believe that the Germans were definitely NOT the good guys, but I do think that they were shot or killed when caught doing things such as this.

Still, they deserve all the negative attention they get.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There was a reason for that. You see, if america hadn't done that, a war still might be going on. They saved THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS more of allied lives by stopping that war in japan!

Anonymous said...

you are a f***ing idiot.

Anonymous said...

The Germans were the good guys! Research: Betrayal of the Cossacks, Danzig massacres, Bombing of Dresden, Katyn Wood Massacre and Eisenhower's death camps.

Anonymous said...

In the German Wehrmacht the death penalty was on rape, whatever post WWII anti German propaganda says. One example or proof: The original secret reports of the German Military Administration of occupied France to the Army High Command and the Wehrmacht High Command in Berlin.
In the report December 1940 under "Gerichtswesen": 5 death penalties against solders: 4 for desertion, 1 for rape (pardoned to 7 years of severe imprisonment ("Zuchthaus", that form of cruel imprisonment does not exist anymore).
Although the sentence for whatever reasons was "reduced" to 7 years, it does not change the fact death penalty being on rape in the Wehrmacht.

Anonymous said...

Thank god they haven't been.
Otherwise you wouldn't have the possibility to call for their blood and lives, and of course to meander in hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

I like it, "These men were AS immoral and boorish as the Russians and Japanese"... Of course, Japanese and especially Russians (and, surprisingly, not even Nazis as it seems, after the Cold War) are the ultimate evil you have created for yourselves. How about Americans bombing Drezden with all the civilians? Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Agent orange and napalm in Vietnam war?... Is that the cost of your filthy capitalist freedom and democracy? But enjoy it while it lasts, think of yourselves as victorious and let this thought make you become less aware and even more arrogant while more and more people learn the truth. Age of anglosaksonian order is over. Russians and Germans will finally stand together against false religion of capitalism... unless submerged by degrading liberalism, that is. And who invented this liberalism?

Anonymous said...

With regards to the comments made about Soviet Soldiers, bare in mind that contrary to the pop-history movies and articles, soviet troops risked facing a military tribunal for merely interacting with a German woman let alone raping one, and many soldiers were in fact detained and penalized for rape in the Red Army. Many cases of rape in Soviet-Occupied Germany can also be attributed to the then applicable abortion laws, which only allowed an abortion if the fetus was the result of rape, which is why every woman who wanted to get an abortion had to simply cry rape (even those who willingly dated Soviet soldiers for food or protection).

Anonymous said...

Are you Russian? How can you say such things! I live in Czech Republic and the Russians raped several women in our tiny town. The Germans were always polite and disciplined! Russians were monkeys told the way that Berlin is and that's all.

Anonymous said...

You're head is full of lies. I don't say that the Germans didn't rape.. but in very very very small numbers. The Russians were inhumane pigs! They raped everything that moved! Holocaust is a big HOAX. There was no exterminating. I'm not going to waste my time convincing somebody to believe something that he doesn't want to believe. I have evidence that there was no holocaust. Nobody can change my mind after everything I got to know.

Anonymous said...

Nope, you are. He is telling the truth. Open you're eyes! It's 2013.. not 1945.

pepsi cola said...

"Estimates regarding the rape of Soviet women by the Wehrmacht reached up to 10,000,000 cases"


Christian said...


It is believed that as many as 2 million women were raped by Red army officers, many of them several times over.

Many had to have abortions or be treated for the syphilis they caught from being raped by different men.

Children born out of the abuses were called Russenbabies and most were abandoned and left to die.

Stalin explicitly condoned rape as a method of rewarding the soldiers and terrorising German civilians.

His Police chief Lavrenti Beria was himself a serial rapist, a number of testimonies exist detailing how women and girls were grabbed off the streets and bundled into his limousine.

It is believed that more than 100 school-aged girls and young women were drugged and raped by Beria who ran the NKVD, the feared forerunner to the KGB.

The Red Army's atrocities against women in Dresden in the spring of 1945, a city that had already suffered heavily from Allied bombing, were carried out in a particularly sickening and systematic manner.

Women were dragged out of their homes and raped in the street in front of their husbands who were forced to watch. Then more often than not the men were shot.

As well as the estimated two million rapes in Germany, there were between 70,000 and 100,000 in Vienna and anywhere from 50,000 to 200,000 in Hungary, as well as thousands more in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.

There are even accounts of women who had been liberated from concentration camps, emaciated and still wearing prison uniforms, being raped by Russian soldiers.

Richard Evans, Professor of Modern History at Cambridge, wrote a book on the topic in which he recounts the extreme violence of many of the encounters. He wrote: 'Rape was often accompanied by torture and mutilation and frequently ends in the victim being shot or bludgeoned to death. The raging violence was undiscriminating.'

Jan Tschierschky said...

there had been good and bad on all sites. The German culture has strong code of ethics so. Structural the German army hold itself above this. SS units however were different in doctrine. The figure of 10 million, I am doubting seriously. Rapes have happen so.
Rapes of women by Russians on mass is well documented, and I got accounts from those who where there. One thing people should think about, absolute power corrupts and when it comes to it human are animals too

Anonymous said...

Stupidity creates war and hate. And I as a German hate the above comment and declare: Germans were brutal monsters bringing grief, death, pain and decay to the world. They were so succesful in lying and raping and killing, that even today a lot of Germans believe they were good ones because they are as stupid and brutal. Stupidity never dies out as we see in the comment.

Anonymous said...

Post the 'evidence'

Anon Dragon said...

From secure source I know rape was completely unheard off in the German Army.
Not because "Aryans" were better behaved. But because the Prussian Discipline in the military was paramount.
You were shot if you raped. Simple as that. You think that people would risk being shot for some sex on the battlefield?
Or even worst being sent to Penal Bataillion for some suicide mission digging mines with your own hands?

Now Germans had brothels. Thats different. We can discuss the morality of that.
Personally I think its evil. But in war unfortunately a necessity. It was moral for the Wehrmacht to provide this for their soldiers.
The prostitutes were treated well. They were paid and cleaned each time after sex. Again not Aryan goodness but German utility: You could not treat them bad or be unclean as this would pose a health risk for troops.

Its just a fact that the German utilitarian mind and discipline enforced on its Army did not produce much rape.
Unlike Red Army or GIs or French, because in their Army discipline was non-existant for such things, and proper brothels were not provided.

Eugene Blank said...

Wat a load of Jewish post war brainwashing propaganda bullshit, some of these picture are not even of Germans soldiers!

Anonymous said...

La photo de femmes dans les bois, est très connue, c'est femmes là ne sont pas violées par l'homme qui les tiens par le bras, mais se sont des femmes Liutanienes que l'ont enmènent au peloton d'éxécution, elles partent pour la mort.

Anonymous said...

I love how the author of this thing equates brothels with rape.

I mean, this is it. After all the accusations and all talk about 'raping and pillaging' by the Wehrmacht... THIS is literally all the other side has.

That's it.

You know who the real bad guys were.

Editor said...

Putting a woman forcibly into a brothel is rape.

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